Ye Olde London Town.

16 Dec

So London, huh?

For the majority of my life, I have dreamt of coming to London, wondered when, and how, who with, what for, and why. It has always drawn me, for a myriad of reasons. For the history, the fashion, the proximity to Europe, the accents. Lots of other reasons too, I guess. When I travel, I dream of finding that one place in the world, that so resolutely feels more like home to me then anywhere else. Somewhere where everything will click, and suddenly make sense. I suppose I have spent a long time wondering, if London could be that place.

In the few days I have been here, I have to say I have fallen in love with this city. It’s beautiful. I always wonder why people come to Australia, and now I have to question that even more so. Sydney is a village. Sydney is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but the six degrees of separation, is actually about three. London’s population however, is only slightly less then that of the entire of Australia. Put it into context people!

Walking the streets of London, I can’t help but be struck by how old everything is. There is a real sense of history throughout the city, that Australia couldn’t possibly ever hope to rival. England, is, I suppose, the motherland, of our dear nation. Being here though, certain things about Australia make more sense. And you begin to realise the full extent to which things in Oz are named after things that already exist in Inger-land. Nothing is original. And apparently nothing is sacred either. But being here, it feels more like home, then being in New York ever did, or could. I find it amazing that three nations, England, Australia and America, so inextricably linked once, sharing the same origin, speaking the same language, could, over a few hundred years, become so culturally distinct and diverse from one another. And the differences are marked.

When you leave Australia, it is easier to comprehend the notion of the global community. You see how interconnected the rest of the world is. Everything you buy, has been made or grown somewhere equally as exotic as where you stand. Egypt, Romania, The Czech Republic. When you are in Australia, everything has been made in Australia, or China. As a country, we apparently value our independence, and are trying to be a self-reliant as possible. Almost a bit stubbornly, really. But in a way, it has paid off. GFC? We weren’t hit nearly as bad as anywhere else. They are still feeling the crunch here, yet at home we are pretty much in the clear, proof be seen in raising interest rates.

And while I’m not sure quite yet, if London is that place, where everything suddenly feels right, I certainly know that it is a place I already feel sad to have to leave. Overall though, London is a very easy city to be in. Maybe this is because of our historically strong link towards our founding nation, maybe not. But it’s easy to absorb. Easy to stumble upon things. London accents are very easy to aquire. Tube’s are frequent and easy to catch. Oh- and pounds are very easy to spend!


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