love in a cold climate.

19 Dec

It seems silly, that as human beings, we spend so much time talking about the weather. But it’s got more then something to do with filling awkward silences, and starting conversations with people that we have no idea what to say to. I think it also has to do with the unpredictability of the weather, and the way that we have no control over it. Humans love to control things, to feel like they have a hold on how things are panning out. The history of the world is based around this concept. But none, not even the most O/C of us, can truly control every aspect of our lives. Not really, and this scares us a little. And so, in some vain effort to recapture just a little control, we choose to waste hours and hours of our lives, hours that we will never get back, discussing the weather – complaining about it, noting it’s quirks, it’s patterns, and more importantly, trying to predict it. And now here it is, a blog for comparing the weather between cities. (This is riveting, don’t lie.)

When we travel, the weather suddenly becomes even more of a novelty. It becomes less predictable, and more noteworthy. It colours the day; and give tone, and mood to your holiday snaps. The weather will most certainly be different to where you have come from, and quite often, is the very reason for traveling in the first place. It will determine what you do and wear you go. What you wear, what you eat. How you sleep. If you sleep.

Traveling to northern hemisphere in Winter, has caused for much questioning and wonder on the behalf of most. As far as I am concerned, Winter is beautiful. I think this in Sydney, I think this in New York, I think this in London. I will think this in San Francisco, and I am sure I will do so traveling through Europe. I love rainy days. Everything feels fresher afterwards. The wind has a similar effect on me. As far as I am concerned, if it is cold, I can always dress warmer. If it is too hot, I can only remove layers to a certain extent, before I get arrested for indecent exposure. And there are only so many ice-creams and refreshing cocktails that can be consumed before one gets too fat to remove said clothes, without the scorn and ridicule of the general public. So anyway, off that tangent and back to Winter. Who doesn’t find the possibility of snow exciting? I don’t think I will ever get sick of snow. There is something so magical, so enchanting about. Standing outside, as the snow falls down upon you. Its amazing. So are the newspaper headlines, that promise for a white Christmas.

The light is different here in Winter. Everything looks that little bit more atmospheric. Especially when the sun doesn’t seem to fully rise until after 11am, and sets prior to 4 in the afternoon. Even at 10 in the morning, it looks as though it should be late afternoon, on a wintery afternoon in Sydney. It’s very disorienting when you try to keep track of the time. Or what day it is, for that matter. I have never been good at keeping track of that at the best of times, but that’s what being on holiday is all about really. Once you stop trying to quantify and regiment things, just relinquish your hold, you will be fine. Time is relative, after all. After struggling to grasp time for a few days, I have gradually stopped checking my phone for the time. For the first time in years, I look at my phone less then maybe, 4 times a day. It still often surprises me by what time it says, but not so much now.

What else can I say about the weather in London? Well, it kinda reminds me of the Blue Mountains really. This comparison creeps me out a little. But it is similar, in it’s sheer unpredictability and changeability. Yesterday, visiting the Tower of London, the day started off as a warm sunny morning, the warmest yet; hazy at first, but clearing. Within about an hour or arriving, the day had become bitter and grey, the sharp wind, biting bare skin, whipping off the Thames. Then out of nowhere, it starts pouring with rain, even though I could see blue sky just near us. Within a minute or 2, the rain becomes snow. Having been lulled into a false sense of security about the temperature that morning, we were hideously underdressed for the turn of weather, and flee inside, only to return outdoors within minutes, to find it has all passed. It is still freezing, but now looks like twilight, during the middle of the day. And you know what, tomorrow will probs be completely different.

But I still love Winter.


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