that handbag will still love you, when no one else does.

22 Dec

The bag you wear defines who you are, shows watchers what you are about.

The other day I bought a Luella Bartley handbag.

It is beautiful.

There is nothing quite like the smell of a luxury leather good.

I saw three other people today wearing my faux Chanel styles, five quid handbag. That’s ok, because I didn’t want Luella to get rained on.

It’s crazy, the relationship a woman has with her handbag.

No matter what size or style bag you have, no matter how many pre-designated functional pockets it may have, no matter how regularly you remove accumulated clutter, it is a universal fact, that you will never be able to find anything in your handbag.

A bag is all in the detailing.

Jimmy Choo on New Bond St London at Christmas, offers complementary cocktails upon entrance to their store.

Handbags can make or break an outfit.

We are told that a designer handbag will last you a lifetime, but I am happy if I use it for a year.

That handbag will still love you, when no one else does. I love you Natalie, the Burberry bag said. It’s true.

Where did you get your Invader tote? Just down by Camden Lock, from the markets we were lured into by the peddling Santa Claus, wearing matted fur of red and white.

That handbag will still love you, when no one else does. I love you Natalie, said the Anya Hindmarch bag, with gold stud detailing.

Mulberry. Mmm.

Marc Jacobs shit crazy bags with the fluro coloured abseiling rope accents. Mmm.

Truth: sales assistants take you more seriously when you have to walk into their shop sideways, like a crab, due to the large nature, and number of your designer shopping bags swinging jauntily from your elbow.

In Winter, your handbag is even more critical. It may be the sole thing, breaking up the block of colour and texture that is your coat.

It’s ok to see two dream bags on one day.

Please shoot down the next person that you see with that hideous sequin leopard print shoulder bag. I thought I left them behind when I left Sydney, but there is, to my horror, even more of them in London.

I will always love you Natalie, squealed the Prada hobo.

Yes I just used the words Prada and hobo in the one sentance. Oh look, I just did it again.

Oh, and yes handbags can talk. They do it all up and down Conduit St.


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