People tell me it’s because I am young, and perhaps a little naive…

22 Apr

Ok, so I’m obsessed. I can admit it. And really, let’s face it, this is an affliction that as hounded humanity for all of time, and will continue to do so indefinitely. So I am not really that strange, right? What I am talking about is the insatiable urge to know the future. It is inherent in all of us, to at times, want to know what is heading our way. I just happen to want to know this, pretty much all the time, which sees me frequenting the website of respected astrologer, Jonathan Cainer.

Each day provides me with a little piece of ambiguous potential insight into my day, and on the weekends – the whole week ahead. It is a simultaneous action, opening three tabs on the Safari browser on my Macbook, morning coffee close by – Facebook, Hotmail and Cainer. Whilst a large part of me is skeptical of the majority of the astrologers that trash weekly mags provide, Cainer rarely does me wrong. Sure there are days when I really cannot entirely relate to what he is saying, but more often then not, he is scarily acurate, in his vague worldly notions. And I think that is the key really, to good predictions for the entire cast of people who all possess the same star sign. How can you outline absolute specifics for such a large oart of the population? We can’t all win the lottery in the same week. Suss much? What a freak coincidence that would be. So I enjoy the way in which Cainer outlines concepts and ideas, rather then outlining absurd specifics about meeting the love of my life, losing my phone, and coming into a cash windfall. All in one ridiculous whirlwind day. I’m sorry, but all that is BS. It strikes me as ludicrous that any publication would even consider publishing such junk, but alas, sensationalising things is all the rage, and in the end it makes things sell.

Cainer is really feeding my addiction, rather then actually fulfilling my need to know the future,  but that is ok. His wise words bring comfort and insight, new perspectives and just general provide a little bit of hope for good things to come. And like I said, he is very often accurate. Some days it is like a desperate burning desire to know what is coming, where you just need something to tell you, from an ‘other-wordly’ source, that yes, things will be ok. It will work out, and you are a good person. Mostly I believe this, but at times you just need to hear it from someone else.

People tell me it’s because I am young, and perhaps a little naive, but I still believe that there are endless opportunities in the world. So I look forward to tomorrow, and I want confirmation that there is a reason why I am not jaded, cynical and bitter. I still believe that anyone can pretty much achieve whatever they want, if they really try. I love the mystery of possibility, the potential of change, the way the out of nowhere something amazing can happen.  I want the unknown of the future to keep me hoping, and open to love when all seems lost. I want to feel like the world can still be a magical place, where anything can happen. I want to know that there is a reason for what happens, and equally, what doesn’t. I am human, we all want these things. We wish to justify our whole lives to ourselves, every decision along the way, unless we  are inclined to spend all our time blaming everyone else for everything bad that has ever happened. Which as far as I can see, is no way to live. It’s apathetic. And in a country like ours, I just don’t believe there is any excuse for apathy. You can not tell me we should all just accept ‘our lot’ in life. The future is yours to create. You have to go for it, because, let’s face it, nobody else is going to do it for you.

And if that means I take comfort in reading my horoscope, an art form that many will try to dispute and discredit, whilst trying to work out what is best for me and my future, so be it. I’m not romanticising the future, I just don’t see what the point of living is, if you don’t have hope and aspirations. And while sometimes I know I spend a little too much time thinking about what might happen, and not enough on what is happening now, at least I have hopes and ideas for what I want my future to look like, and I take action to achieve them. Not everyone can say that. So excuse me, and my small addiction to Cainer’s daily dose of wisdom.

Try it sometime. You might surprise yourself. The future is coming, like it or not.


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