Blue Valentine.

19 Jan

Last night after an amazing Japanese meal, my boyfriend and I saw Blue Valentine at the Dendy in Newtown. I know this has been out for a few weeks now and I have been dying to see it, but wow. I am so glad I made finally got around to it.

This is what I wore. I think it was a little bit vintage inspired with the cream lace skirt, but also a bit whimsical with the pink bow and the polka dots. It was feeling a bit too girly girl for me, so I added a black studded belt and the black studded brogues from the last post. I think the contrast sort of matched the movie in a way…

Romantic movies always tell tales of people falling in love in the most beautiful circumstances, and I feel they often leave viewers with unrealistic expectations for their own relationships. And you may expect that of this movie because it stars Ryan Gosling of Notebook fame, and Michelle Williams, who many still associate with teen drama Dawson’s Creek.

Blue Valentine however is a heart wrenching insight into the entire cycle of a relationship, from the first intoxicating glance, through hardships overcome, right until the end and the breakdown. The actors are intense and real. You believe them, always. Over the years Michelle Williams has really grown into a brilliant actress, who picks brilliant left of centre, serious movies.

What a stunning movie in the simplicity and normality. It has a sense of reality and almost monotony, but in a good way. You see the characters doing normal, average every day things, going through the motions. It rang strong and true. Blue Valentine successfully weaves the story, through flashbacks of the early days in love thrown in between the spiralling breakdown of what was once such a sweet and true relationship. It breaks your heart to see what they become and how they change. Especially in contrast with what they wanted when they were young.

You just want them to be able to go back to the way things were, but that’s just it – you never really can. And this movie isn’t afraid to show you that; there is no happily ever after. It doesn’t cut to the credits after the protagonists kiss and make up like a Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com. I find it so poignant and it feels real in it’s tragedy. I watched the breakdown of my own parents’ relationship, and heard the reminiscence of bittersweet memories – how beautiful and hopeful it was in the beginning, and knowing what it became.

In saying all this, I hope naively that no one has to ever go through any of this, but I know it can’t be so. I walked away with so much on my mind. This is not a movie to see if you want a happy ending. But it is one to see if you want to be moved, and to feel love ring true around you. It is a movie to see if you need perspective and insight. And in general, I think it is a movie everyone should see.



2 Responses to “Blue Valentine.”

  1. Emma January 22, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    Nice outfit! And that film sounds really beautiful; love it when a film doesn’t follow the same boring structure – really makes you think. Wanting to see it now. x

    • Crystal. January 23, 2011 at 11:18 am #

      Aw, thanks! It was such a moving film. You must see it! It was the best thing I have seen in such a long time. =)

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