16 Apr

So, who doesn’t love a royal wedding? If you just answered ‘me!’ then go away! But really – all the anticipation and speculation just days out from The Royal Wedding of our generation, how can you help but get swept along with all the hype?  For years we have wondered whether Kate and Wills will even make it to the alter, but once our doubts were subdued, we all wondered when. Months and months of media coverage aside,  and finally now we wonder what? Just what will Kate Middleton wear on the big day? Guarantees it won’t be the meringue cloud Diana wafted down the aisle in – Kate is a distinctly modern girl, with her own sense of style. But how will it hold up against the weight of tradition and history. What will the palace approve of, and what will Kate agree with? Whatever she ends up wearing, will be undoubtedly custom designed and beautiful, as well as being designed to bring a small patriotic tear to the eye, as she weds the man she loves in the fairy tale story of so many little girls (and grown women) childhood dreams.

While Kate will be clad in couture, I am not really a traditionalist so here are a few, slightly less traditional but ultimately amazing dresses to tide you over until the big day… Enjoy!

Matthew Williamson

  Matthew Williamson

And I am pretty sure any of the Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2011 Collection would suffice.



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