22 Apr

So Zara Sydney finally opened! It only seems like it’s been forever already since the new Westfield Centerpoint opened, and the doors to Zara have remained firmly sealed behind construction scaffold until now. Wednesday saw the big opening, with crowds and cues galore. It is sort of sad how excited Sydney is to have Zara. But anyone who has spent anytime in Europe will know how on trend it is, without the designer price tag. I think we are excited just to have a little bit of Europe on our doorstep now! And hopefully Zara’s success (I have no doubt in this) will inspire the likes of H&M to get their butts into gear and get to Australia! They are already in China and Honkers – it’s not that much further away!

Anyway, I graced the shop floor of Zara yesterday, the day after it opened. I must say I am more excited now about it then I have been in the lead up. I can’t wait until I get paid next actually! But the place was crazy. Absolute chaos. Like I said – it’s a bit sad really! But there was security on all doors, on all levels, doing crowd control, and the cues in store were obscenely long for cashier and change rooms alike. I didn’t end up looking properly, but plan to head back in a week or so when the hype has died down a little, and you can actually see the clothes through the crowd. But I must say – in terms of price point, I am fairly impressed. It is definately cheaper then I thought it would end up translating to in Australia. So all round – yay!

Here are some Zara picks that I am loving at the moment:



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