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A little bit enigmatic…

1 May
Today I stumbled upon Enigmatic Smile. Be excited! I am! Have a look and I need so no more…
Firstly: falsies!

Secondly: stockings!

Enjoy! (Free international shipping!)




22 Apr

So Zara Sydney finally opened! It only seems like it’s been forever already since the new Westfield Centerpoint opened, and the doors to Zara have remained firmly sealed behind construction scaffold until now. Wednesday saw the big opening, with crowds and cues galore. It is sort of sad how excited Sydney is to have Zara. But anyone who has spent anytime in Europe will know how on trend it is, without the designer price tag. I think we are excited just to have a little bit of Europe on our doorstep now! And hopefully Zara’s success (I have no doubt in this) will inspire the likes of H&M to get their butts into gear and get to Australia! They are already in China and Honkers – it’s not that much further away!

Anyway, I graced the shop floor of Zara yesterday, the day after it opened. I must say I am more excited now about it then I have been in the lead up. I can’t wait until I get paid next actually! But the place was crazy. Absolute chaos. Like I said – it’s a bit sad really! But there was security on all doors, on all levels, doing crowd control, and the cues in store were obscenely long for cashier and change rooms alike. I didn’t end up looking properly, but plan to head back in a week or so when the hype has died down a little, and you can actually see the clothes through the crowd. But I must say – in terms of price point, I am fairly impressed. It is definately cheaper then I thought it would end up translating to in Australia. So all round – yay!

Here are some Zara picks that I am loving at the moment:


What the – ?!

13 Feb

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and revere the grand old house of Valentino. Completely. It’s just not often that I actually find myself longing for it. It’s just not my thing really. At times I find myself in awe of vintage Valentino, or taking inspiration from the details. Other times I admire it from afar, and then proceed to ponder how glamour is so not my in my aesthetic. More often I am simply looking in a trash mag at some Valentino clad celebrity attempting to add some old Hollywood glamour to their ailing red carpet image.

But I am in love with so many pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection, that it really is one of those what the – !? kinda moments. Who would have picked it? Crystal in love with Valentino. What is it they always say – you will find love when you least expect it? Or opposites attract? Could this be the beginning of a long and heady love affair, courting the fashion house I once so often ignored?

I highly doubt it, but I guess you never really know huh? I feel certain that this is merely a (Sydney) Summer romance in a colour palette I adore. Fueled also by the fact that lace is just so hot right now and I am utterly head-over-heels with this trend! Not to mention combined with sheer romance, spots and ruffles, a few studs scattered in for good measure, and a hint of leather just to toughen it all up a tad.

Might as well enjoy it while it lasts…

All photos courtesy of and Matteo Volta viewed through

Tillie, Alexa & The Confectioners.

16 Jan

I have satchel bags on the brain 100%. It really is an affliction. I can’t stop thinking about how much I need/want(?) one. I have been browsing them for a while, and they are the It bag to have right now. If you don’t have one, and you care, then now is the time to rush out and buy one! Go! Stop reading now and run. I will still be here when you get back. And even if you don’t care what fashion is saying, a satchel bag is classic and versatile; something you will always go back to. What more convincing do you need?

Personally I’m torn between vintage and new. There are so many cute vintage satchels out there, and I am partial to a good vintage wonder to tote all my junk around in. I saw some gorgeous man style ones at Rozelle markets last Sunday, all real leather for amazing prices, in good condition. I was soo sorely tempted and would have made the commitment if it hadn’t been for numerous splurge purchases that directly proceeded said satchel discoveries.

In terms of new, the choices are numerous and will continue to grow as the tickle down effect filters high-end designer trends down to mainstream saturation overload. But until that happens I’m going to enjoy the likes of these beautiful Mulberry bags – the Tillie and the Alexa. Does Mulberry ever really get it wrong? I swear, they make the most lust worthy bags ever. Every season I want at least 6.

When I was in London last Christmas it was all I could do to stop myself from buying one, even though I had just bought a very dandy piece of luxury leather from Luella, just round the corner five minutes earlier. Up and down Conduit Street, I kept trying to convince my best friend to invest, because every one of the bags I picked up would ‘love her forever’. Especially in the Mulberry store.  And I really meant that. Because you would have your Mulberry forever. The gorgeous colours and deceptively simple designs never fail to entice me. And oh! The leather is so beautiful and soft and drool worthy. And this is coming from a vegetarian!

I want that little gold plate with the cut out tree to grace my person. Right now. Mulberry has recently decided to grace Sydney shores with its presence… keep watching this space in the coming weeks. You never know, I may just have a lapse of rational judgement and find myself in knee deep in debt, with a lusty look in my eyes as I take deep inhalations of the lightly leather perfumed air exuding from my new satchel…

Another worth mentioning is French & British Confectioners, who make amazing patent leather goods that make my heart soar. So, so gorgeous and very affordable. They are really well designed, feminine pieces that exude cult brand following power! Do it.

J’adore The Kooples.

15 Jan

I’m loving The Kooples right now! I first saw the ads in British Vogue a while back, and I fell in love with the aesthetic instantly. They feature beautiful real life couples dressed darkly, clad in crisp tailored clothes. They ooze sophistication; Savile Row meets military styling with a healthy does of rock and roll attitude.

If you visit their website you’ll find the clothes behind the looks and video clips of the couples chatting about each other and things like how they met, why they love each other, sharing a quick kiss here and there. It sounds like it should be vom-inspiring, but it really isn’t. More like compelling. Filmed somewhere moody and slightly dishevelled makes for a contrast to the tailored, clean, sharp, structured looks the couples wear.  It was gorgeous and edgy and modern. And oh-so-European. (Even the American guys.) You watch them and they make you want to be them. So badly. And isn’t that what any good ad campaign is about?

I don’t entirely think I could pull off this look and honestly I am slightly envious of those who can. The women’s wear is definitely menswear inspired, and I think you either need to be really pretty or conversely androgynous to make it work. I am neither so I shall admire from afar. Although I do want to invest in one of their coats, but honestly there are limited opportunities in Sydney to whip one out of the wardrobe, so I’m not sure if I can justify it. But hey, maybe I will just have to go gallivanting around Europe again next winter to make sure it’s not a wasted purchase. Couldn’t have that now, could I?

Can Sydney make The Kooples work for them? I’m not sure, because a lot of what we wear is fairly relaxed and light. The Kooples is very classic and structured in comparison. What do you think?

that handbag will still love you, when no one else does.

22 Dec

The bag you wear defines who you are, shows watchers what you are about.

The other day I bought a Luella Bartley handbag.

It is beautiful.

There is nothing quite like the smell of a luxury leather good.

I saw three other people today wearing my faux Chanel styles, five quid handbag. That’s ok, because I didn’t want Luella to get rained on.

It’s crazy, the relationship a woman has with her handbag.

No matter what size or style bag you have, no matter how many pre-designated functional pockets it may have, no matter how regularly you remove accumulated clutter, it is a universal fact, that you will never be able to find anything in your handbag.

A bag is all in the detailing.

Jimmy Choo on New Bond St London at Christmas, offers complementary cocktails upon entrance to their store.

Handbags can make or break an outfit.

We are told that a designer handbag will last you a lifetime, but I am happy if I use it for a year.

That handbag will still love you, when no one else does. I love you Natalie, the Burberry bag said. It’s true.

Where did you get your Invader tote? Just down by Camden Lock, from the markets we were lured into by the peddling Santa Claus, wearing matted fur of red and white.

That handbag will still love you, when no one else does. I love you Natalie, said the Anya Hindmarch bag, with gold stud detailing.

Mulberry. Mmm.

Marc Jacobs shit crazy bags with the fluro coloured abseiling rope accents. Mmm.

Truth: sales assistants take you more seriously when you have to walk into their shop sideways, like a crab, due to the large nature, and number of your designer shopping bags swinging jauntily from your elbow.

In Winter, your handbag is even more critical. It may be the sole thing, breaking up the block of colour and texture that is your coat.

It’s ok to see two dream bags on one day.

Please shoot down the next person that you see with that hideous sequin leopard print shoulder bag. I thought I left them behind when I left Sydney, but there is, to my horror, even more of them in London.

I will always love you Natalie, squealed the Prada hobo.

Yes I just used the words Prada and hobo in the one sentance. Oh look, I just did it again.

Oh, and yes handbags can talk. They do it all up and down Conduit St.

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