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A little bit enigmatic…

1 May
Today I stumbled upon Enigmatic Smile. Be excited! I am! Have a look and I need so no more…
Firstly: falsies!

Secondly: stockings!

Enjoy! (Free international shipping!)




22 Apr

So Zara Sydney finally opened! It only seems like it’s been forever already since the new Westfield Centerpoint opened, and the doors to Zara have remained firmly sealed behind construction scaffold until now. Wednesday saw the big opening, with crowds and cues galore. It is sort of sad how excited Sydney is to have Zara. But anyone who has spent anytime in Europe will know how on trend it is, without the designer price tag. I think we are excited just to have a little bit of Europe on our doorstep now! And hopefully Zara’s success (I have no doubt in this) will inspire the likes of H&M to get their butts into gear and get to Australia! They are already in China and Honkers – it’s not that much further away!

Anyway, I graced the shop floor of Zara yesterday, the day after it opened. I must say I am more excited now about it then I have been in the lead up. I can’t wait until I get paid next actually! But the place was crazy. Absolute chaos. Like I said – it’s a bit sad really! But there was security on all doors, on all levels, doing crowd control, and the cues in store were obscenely long for cashier and change rooms alike. I didn’t end up looking properly, but plan to head back in a week or so when the hype has died down a little, and you can actually see the clothes through the crowd. But I must say – in terms of price point, I am fairly impressed. It is definately cheaper then I thought it would end up translating to in Australia. So all round – yay!

Here are some Zara picks that I am loving at the moment:



16 Apr

So, who doesn’t love a royal wedding? If you just answered ‘me!’ then go away! But really – all the anticipation and speculation just days out from The Royal Wedding of our generation, how can you help but get swept along with all the hype?  For years we have wondered whether Kate and Wills will even make it to the alter, but once our doubts were subdued, we all wondered when. Months and months of media coverage aside,  and finally now we wonder what? Just what will Kate Middleton wear on the big day? Guarantees it won’t be the meringue cloud Diana wafted down the aisle in – Kate is a distinctly modern girl, with her own sense of style. But how will it hold up against the weight of tradition and history. What will the palace approve of, and what will Kate agree with? Whatever she ends up wearing, will be undoubtedly custom designed and beautiful, as well as being designed to bring a small patriotic tear to the eye, as she weds the man she loves in the fairy tale story of so many little girls (and grown women) childhood dreams.

While Kate will be clad in couture, I am not really a traditionalist so here are a few, slightly less traditional but ultimately amazing dresses to tide you over until the big day… Enjoy!

Matthew Williamson

  Matthew Williamson

And I am pretty sure any of the Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2011 Collection would suffice.


What the – ?!

13 Feb

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and revere the grand old house of Valentino. Completely. It’s just not often that I actually find myself longing for it. It’s just not my thing really. At times I find myself in awe of vintage Valentino, or taking inspiration from the details. Other times I admire it from afar, and then proceed to ponder how glamour is so not my in my aesthetic. More often I am simply looking in a trash mag at some Valentino clad celebrity attempting to add some old Hollywood glamour to their ailing red carpet image.

But I am in love with so many pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection, that it really is one of those what the – !? kinda moments. Who would have picked it? Crystal in love with Valentino. What is it they always say – you will find love when you least expect it? Or opposites attract? Could this be the beginning of a long and heady love affair, courting the fashion house I once so often ignored?

I highly doubt it, but I guess you never really know huh? I feel certain that this is merely a (Sydney) Summer romance in a colour palette I adore. Fueled also by the fact that lace is just so hot right now and I am utterly head-over-heels with this trend! Not to mention combined with sheer romance, spots and ruffles, a few studs scattered in for good measure, and a hint of leather just to toughen it all up a tad.

Might as well enjoy it while it lasts…

All photos courtesy of  imaxtree.com and Matteo Volta viewed through elle.com

Victorious Vintage.

23 Jan

I have a massive penchant for vintage, so whenever I find myself back in the little town I grew up in, Blackheath up in the Blue Mountains, I like to go to a shop called the Victory Theatre. I have no idea what the history of the place is, I assume it was once a theatre, perhaps with silent films early last century, but today and for as long as I can remember, it has been an antique shop.

Over the years this place has changed a lot. I remember exploring in there as a child, through musty clothes on racks, staring at delightfully horrible old paintings and testing out dust cover chairs. I remember listening to the creaking old floorboards emanating from the level above, wondering if it was going to collapse. I also remember going there late at night, heading right to the back of the shop to dine in the ‘restaurant’. I couldn’t tell you thing about the food there, except that I always used to get mushroom soup but the place was kind of scary to a 7 year old.

They had what I believe was a mixture of faux and real cobwebs draped over the décor, and ancient rusting candelabra hanging over the tables, that swung dangerously if anyone walked along upstairs. It had a dishevelled ancient old mansion thing going on. With mismatched everything from plates and spoons to chairs, well worn rickety old tables and candles everywhere dripping wax into strange contorted slightly creepy looking shapes. I remember thinking it was just like the scary old castles I saw in cartoons, and that surely at night, when everyone was gone, that it must be haunted.

These days, it has had a facelift or two, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a few spirits floating around looking after their prized old possessions. However it is and probably always has been really, a fabulous place to shop for things out of the ordinary. If vintage and antique are your thing, this is well worth the trip.  When I go there, just as I always have, I start off gazing at the antique rings, and subsequently begin day dreaming about the antique wedding ring I want one day. I love that rings tell a story, and that they are so personal. Every single one has a story. I like to try them on and wonder who they belonged to, and how they ended up in a shop and no longer on someone’s finger…

There is plenty to look at from home wears, jewellery, clothes, art, books, general junk and some other stuff. Seriously! Its crammed with bits and pieces, a mixture of real antiques, priced as so, and vintage/second hand pieces, at a more purse friendly level. On my most recent trip one of the guys who works in café that is now out the front, and makes quite nice coffee and excellent risotto, was trying to pick me up in the most hilariously ridiculous conversations I have had in a long time. It put a smile on face for a long time after that.

On that particular shopping trip, which started just as coffee, resulted in browsing, and ended in spending, I got a gorgeous floral dress that I love to bits and have lived in this summer, and a sweet little musical jewellery box. Which wasn’t so little, and is actually kind of heavy, as I discovered on the long journey home to Sydney, and a gorgeous red leather bag.

The dress isn’t the most ancient of dresses, probably 80’s I’d say,  but is actually gold! It is so effortless and light. The pleats are so sweet, and I love the print. It was in pristine condition, and cleans really well. It doesn’t even have a hint of old lady/charity shop smell. I think I paid something like $15 for, and it didn’t need any adjusting to make it wearable. That’s what I call a good buy. No stain removing, hemming, sewing, replacing buttons, or altering sleeves. Good to go. As a bonus it is ‘sensible’ enough to wear to wear to work and still look like me. Yay.

The jewellery box cost me a little more then that, and is completely cute. Its mint green and hand painted with scenes of the European country side. It reminds me of an illustration of the Spanish hill sides in an episode of Maddeline! I thought twice about buying it, because it is broken in one part, but tried to walk away and couldn’t. I just felt an undeniable connection with this thing. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I think maybe that sounds weird, unless you have a moment like that of your own. Belieive me, I’m not crazy!

Anwyay, it’s a musical box, that plays a tinny tune I don’t recognise, but feel drawn to none the less. It also had two little figures inside that turn – a bride and a groom. The bride has met an untimely demise somewhere along the way, so a lonesome groom stands tall inside. I feel bad for him, and want to find something to replace the empty gap, but have not so far come up with a feasible solution. So for now he stands as my little guardian groom.

And the bag – I think that speaks for it’s self in that glorious rich red tone. In perfect condition. Real leather. Stunning.

Hope you enjoy my purchases as much as I did. It’s a place I recommend you check out yourself!


Dear London, please excuse my self indulgence…

22 Jan


Today I spoke to my friend Jessica, who is on an adventure in Europe right now. It was some ungodly jetlagged hour in a grungy London hotel room, when sleep evaded her. But she told me something sweet that couldn’t contain her awe and wonder. She said to me, ‘Oh my god Crystal, nothing prepares you for how beautiful London is! The buildings – wow! I love London.’ And then I wanted to cry.

I have a strange and lusty fixation with that city. Not something that can be justified considering the limited time I have spent there – two weeks surely doesn’t count for much. And yet I have always had an affinity with London, even before setting foot on the ancient streets. Going there only made me love it more. It felt like home. It was overwhelming.

So many things are different there, and yet so many things the same as here. London made a huge impression on this impressionable young girl, who has been yearning to go there since sometime before childhood (forever!). I don’t even think I can quite explain why I love it.

It is somehow magical. And quirky eclectic. It’s old and historical; full of stories. It is full of photos waiting to happen. It is fashion. Its colour and noise. Old meets new, and the future. It is old weathered brick walls. Its people and things from everywhere and some other places too. It is the gateway to Europe. It is the rain and the light. Art and design. The snow and the greasy spoon cafes. All that architecture. It is the city that makes other places make sense – the ‘motherland’ of a once far and wide empire. It makes me happy and makes me smile. And it’s mainly that this isn’t even the half of it. But it also makes me cry. And I would like to think it needs me there. It fills me with inspiration and exploration. It makes me feel like a better person.

After having done my own pilgrimage around Europe, it felt like a homecoming returning there, for just one more fleeting night. It felt right. It truly made me weep to leave. On a Finnair flight headed for Helsinki, silent tears streamed down my face as the wheels of the plane left the tarmac, and we flew out over London just waking up to the morning light, and another day. I cried and I wanted to have my own another day. I guess it may have been partly because I had barely slept in three days (blame Amsterdam), and it may have been because I was a little homesick too.

But I don’t cry in public. Ever.

So dear London: (And everyone else of course!) Please excuse my self indulgence. It’s just that I love you. For real though and not like a stalker.



Blue Valentine.

19 Jan

Last night after an amazing Japanese meal, my boyfriend and I saw Blue Valentine at the Dendy in Newtown. I know this has been out for a few weeks now and I have been dying to see it, but wow. I am so glad I made finally got around to it.

This is what I wore. I think it was a little bit vintage inspired with the cream lace skirt, but also a bit whimsical with the pink bow and the polka dots. It was feeling a bit too girly girl for me, so I added a black studded belt and the black studded brogues from the last post. I think the contrast sort of matched the movie in a way…

Romantic movies always tell tales of people falling in love in the most beautiful circumstances, and I feel they often leave viewers with unrealistic expectations for their own relationships. And you may expect that of this movie because it stars Ryan Gosling of Notebook fame, and Michelle Williams, who many still associate with teen drama Dawson’s Creek.

Blue Valentine however is a heart wrenching insight into the entire cycle of a relationship, from the first intoxicating glance, through hardships overcome, right until the end and the breakdown. The actors are intense and real. You believe them, always. Over the years Michelle Williams has really grown into a brilliant actress, who picks brilliant left of centre, serious movies.

What a stunning movie in the simplicity and normality. It has a sense of reality and almost monotony, but in a good way. You see the characters doing normal, average every day things, going through the motions. It rang strong and true. Blue Valentine successfully weaves the story, through flashbacks of the early days in love thrown in between the spiralling breakdown of what was once such a sweet and true relationship. It breaks your heart to see what they become and how they change. Especially in contrast with what they wanted when they were young.

You just want them to be able to go back to the way things were, but that’s just it – you never really can. And this movie isn’t afraid to show you that; there is no happily ever after. It doesn’t cut to the credits after the protagonists kiss and make up like a Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com. I find it so poignant and it feels real in it’s tragedy. I watched the breakdown of my own parents’ relationship, and heard the reminiscence of bittersweet memories – how beautiful and hopeful it was in the beginning, and knowing what it became.

In saying all this, I hope naively that no one has to ever go through any of this, but I know it can’t be so. I walked away with so much on my mind. This is not a movie to see if you want a happy ending. But it is one to see if you want to be moved, and to feel love ring true around you. It is a movie to see if you need perspective and insight. And in general, I think it is a movie everyone should see.


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