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What the – ?!

13 Feb

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and revere the grand old house of Valentino. Completely. It’s just not often that I actually find myself longing for it. It’s just not my thing really. At times I find myself in awe of vintage Valentino, or taking inspiration from the details. Other times I admire it from afar, and then proceed to ponder how glamour is so not my in my aesthetic. More often I am simply looking in a trash mag at some Valentino clad celebrity attempting to add some old Hollywood glamour to their ailing red carpet image.

But I am in love with so many pieces from the Spring 2011 RTW collection, that it really is one of those what the – !? kinda moments. Who would have picked it? Crystal in love with Valentino. What is it they always say – you will find love when you least expect it? Or opposites attract? Could this be the beginning of a long and heady love affair, courting the fashion house I once so often ignored?

I highly doubt it, but I guess you never really know huh? I feel certain that this is merely a (Sydney) Summer romance in a colour palette I adore. Fueled also by the fact that lace is just so hot right now and I am utterly head-over-heels with this trend! Not to mention combined with sheer romance, spots and ruffles, a few studs scattered in for good measure, and a hint of leather just to toughen it all up a tad.

Might as well enjoy it while it lasts…

All photos courtesy of  imaxtree.com and Matteo Volta viewed through elle.com
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